Hijabs of the world

Hi darlings! We have been a bit curious lately and we all know that in today’s globalized world, fashion is internationally visible and therefore fashionistas from the world do dress up more or less the same way. But we wanted to go back into history and cultures and see how it all started;) Here is a selection of how Hijab is still worn in some of the world’s regions:

Khaleeji (Arab Gulf) AbayaAfghan burqaIranian hijabTurkish HijabAsian Hijab in traditional SariMalaysian/Indonesian HijabMoroccan traditional look  Somalia

                  African hijab style                        

Documentary “Hijab Style: Faith or Fashion”

Hi darlings! Check out this short documentary providing an insight into the world of Hijab Style - a relatively new fashion movement in Indonesia. Two students - one from Australia and one from France - travel across Java and explore this unique new world in which fashion and religion coexist.

Hijab?…..I WILL!!!

imageToday’s post is very special…A lot of sisters who are getting engaged these days were telling us about how worried they were because they could not find an appropriate wedding dress or even they found it funny to wear a hijab on top of the wedding dress. No worries darlings! Covered up does not mean old-fashioned. Here is a selection of hijab bridal looks to wear on your D-day. And for more tips on the topic check out hijabstyletrends.com


OOTW #11

Hi darlings! Today meet the luvely Bushrah Ben’laris from the UK. We love how she is rocking the nude pumps with an original pearled hijab. The printed maxi skirt kills it all! And that denim shirt + the necklace detailing is a must have this summer. Get your nude heels from Karmaloop.

Yallah Habibi!

EVENT - The Urban Muslim Woman Show 2013

imageThe Urban Muslim Woman Show is a pioneering event that is aimed solely at promoting strong and independent female professionals, entrepreneurs, designers and students within the Muslim community.

It is a celebration of the many achievements and successes of Muslim women and aims to inspire future generations with messages of empowerment and support.

The show now in its 3rd year returns once again in London to empower women with motivating speeches; spectacular exhibitions, a dazzling runway show with Islamic designers, live entertainment, a luxury dining experience and fundraising for Muslim Charity UK.

Tickets are now on sale

Early bird standard tickets: £39.00 per person
valid till 30 April. Tickets will be £45.00 per person from the 1st May.
To purchase tickets please visit
or call 0844 871 8819

Enjoy this fab event ladies!

Feeling Arab today !

image            To welcome Ramadan and the arrival of the Eid celebrations, adopt the Arabic calligraphy attitude.

From dresses to abayas and even clutches, Arabize your style and Glam up your blessed month!
Emerging Arab fashion designers get success from mixing the latest fashion trends with Arabic typo, designs and patterns. Yallah Habibi!
Items can be found at: Zmurud


I’m sporty and I know it!

Darlings….let’s be honest:we do it for the fun! Who apart from us fashionistas would wear a sporty vintage sweatshirt with a pair of nude pumps?! Here is our vintage/sporty/chic inspiration wardrobe for you ladies. Be inspired and never forget the Teddy jacket athletes! Yallah Habibi!

OOTW #10

Hey ladies, be ready to look bohemian & chic this summer!!

This look was inspired by the Keswah flashy dresses (see previous post). We luuuuv this leopard printed peplum top and you know how much we love peplum tops as they can fit anything and everything.

Accessorize your look with the elegant Gyvenchy bag & double your scarves one can be orange and another printed. Last but not least walk like a star on a red carpet in them Jimmy Choo’s!

Yallah Habibi!


We literally fell in love with the Arabic fashion brand…. Keswah.image

Keswah means in colloquial Arabic “clothing” and was created by three Emirati women. Known for their trendy and creative Jalabiyas (traditional Egyptian garment) made with the best fabrics, they mix tradition and fashion. You can find Jalabiyas with flowers, or half peplums, or even Peter Pan collars! So many different styles to wear for daytime or for special occasions.

Check out their collections and purchase the dresses online!


Yallah Habibi!imageimage

Hijab and make up?

Summer is approaching…I know we already gave you tips on how to make your wardrobe look brighter with our weekly outfits & tutorials. Howeveeeer…we didn’t get into MAKE UP!!!! Long story short this time get inspired by our fav amateur yet sexy make ups & don’t forget to make it match your hijab! Yallah Habibi!

For more make up inspirations check out our girlie Nabila from Bham.

Meet & Greet in Marrakesh !

Here we come again with an exciting news for those of you in Morocco at the moment.. Youtube guru Nura aka Babylailalov known not only for her gorgeous make up and extravagant look but also for her life vlogs “Keeping up with the Nazarians” is coming all the way from the US to Morocco! She will be doing a Meet up with her fans apparently set up for next saturday in Marrakesh. So for the lucky ones in Morocco right now, do not miss out: fun times, make up & fashion tips guaranteed with bubly Nura! 
More info below:



Friday Stranger #10

Meet Nur Hanis from Singapore rocking the Jeffrey Campbells. We do put them quite a lot in our regular Outfits of the Wednesday so here is what they look like with a proper outfit. Don’t you just love them ?! She is also wearing this long purple tunic which you can get from Primark in any color you want for the summer;) 

OOTW #9 Work it!

Hi darlings! Today’s outfit was inspired by our WorkthatHIJAB! article which was very modern and not that appropriate for certain types of job interviews. So here is a more formal work outfit with bits of 60’s dots and large trousers. Yé-Yé you can work now!

Political & Fashion Icon of Qatar: Sheikha Mozah

You have certainly heard of Emir of Qatar's most known wife Sheikha Mozah because of her national & international political involvement. According to FORBES in 2007 she has been named the 74th most powerful woman in the world. In 2011 she was named the second most stylish woman in the world by Vanity Fair. Not only she rocks the turban but she does rock the abaya and the hijab. We love how fashionable yet educated she is. So here is a selection of her most classy styles to inspire you queens. Yalla Habibi!

Music time for sistas!

imageHi darlings! Meet the London based female Hip Hop duo “Poetic Pilgrimage”.. I met them last summer at the London Mela 2012 Festival in Gunnersbury during Eid day where they performed with other talented artists from all around the world. I was so surprised to see two sisters singing in the first place but then literally fell in love with their music and the message they were spreading.. If you want honest music & going back to your own roots go check them out! Who said that hijabistas can’t do music?!

Yalla Habibi